Anxiety & Stress: Handle stress by being mindful of what energy and focus you spread (1-minute-read)

Handle stress by being mindful of what energy and focus you spread

The first step in managing a crisis is about practicing techniques to calm yourself.

An important technique is to seek the comfort of close ones – to try to calm each other.

Be sure to consider whether what you intend to say is calming or increases worry and insecurity.

Now it is not the time to dwell on despair and misery or be influenced by and spread distorted statistics.

Often we cannot see the response of other person to what we say.

In these times of crisis, it is important to try to keep things in perspective: also this period will pass.

Our individual contribution can be trying to live as well as we can. We can spread as positive energy as possible and at the same time try to avoid being infected or spread infection by following the advice and guidelines we receive, but also limiting how much news we take in.

Remember that illness has unfortunately always existed and is one of the conditions of life that we humans always have had to accept.

The vast majority of people will survive.

Regardless what happens, what we can do is to continue to strive to make the best of the days and the life we have in this moment.

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