Anxiety & Stress: How nature can help in handling a crisis (1-minute-read)

The latest posts have been about calming yourself by taking control of your breathing. Use a soothing mantra to help you gain perspective and comfort.

Walking is also a building block of the first step in managing a crisis, which involves practicing techniques to calm yourself.

Here continues the post about how walking, when possible, can help us get through these tough times.

Another important way to calm a stressed body and soul is to stay cool or alternatively to get warm.

Walking has proven to be very effective in reducing stress and relieving painful thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, try to stay outside whenever possible. Walking outdoors in nature, in forests and gardens preferably in daylight, has proven to be especially effective for increasing long-term stress tolerance in the body.

In addition, nature even produces substances that are soothing.

Also, nature is predictable with its seasons, which gives stability, hope for the future and comfort.

Finally, try to leave your phone and all the news updates at home or have the technology as turned off as possible.

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