Anxiety & Stress: How relaxation can help you calm yourself in this crisis (1-minute-read)

How relaxation can help you calm yourself in this crisis

As earlier mentioned, the first step in handling a crisis is about practicing techniques to calm yourself. This is important to be able to think clearly, steer your thoughts and focus on what you can influence and is important in your life right now.

Relaxation techniques can help you calm yourself

A very important technique in order to calm yourself is to learn to relax your body. Use the relaxation techniques that you are comfortable with to help the body and the parasympathetic nervous system get into a relaxed state. This also relaxes the sympathetic nervous system – the alert, fight-flight system, which is connected to the level of stress in the body.

A common relaxation technique is to go through all the muscle groups and tighten them individually for 3 seconds and then relax the tension. In this way you become aware of the difference between the tense and the relaxed state. It is especially important to note that the following areas are relaxed: forehead, jaws, neck, shoulders, fingers and toes.

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