Anxiety & Stress: More about techniques to calm yourself during a crisis (1-minute-read)

More about techniques to calm yourself during a crisis

In these terrible Corona times I have temporarily paused my posts on general mental health topics. Instead I will focus on how we can get through these tough times together.

The 1st step in handling a crisis is about practicing techniques to calm yourself.

Yesterday’s post was about calming yourself by taking control of your breathing. This is since slow breathing with your stomach is the fastest way to calm yourself and get access to your problem-solving abilities. Using a mantra will help you gain perspective and offers comfort.

Another important way to calm a stressed body and mind is to keep cool, possibly by being outdoors if allowed to. Also, keep your room chilly, rinse your hands in cold water, chewing on ice or by drinking cold beverages.

This contracts the blood vessels which increases the blood supply and circulation in your brain. Hence, in this way you will regain the ability o think more nuanced and clearly.

To consider:

Try these ways of calming yourself and evaluate in what circumstances each work the best for you.

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