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Course Description

This course is about how to heal from stress and exhaustion, including how to manage acute symtoms of stress and exhaustion, the 3 phases of exhaustion and how to create a more sustainable daily life with the aim to prevent relapses. 

This course provides you with effective strategies, exercises and tools in these areas so that you can start today and quickly notice progress in your life. The course covers 15 central themes and is similar in its content to the design I use with the clients I daily meet and who have sought help with improving their self-awareness and purpose in life. The course corresponds to a regular text book in scope and is text-based with illustrations, exercises, exercise sheets and tests with the aim of creating real change in your life.

Key areas covered in this course:

  • What is exhaustion
  • Tools for handling acute stress in daily life
  • Tools for handling exhaustion in daily life
  • The 3 phases of exhaustion and how to get through them
  • How to prevent relapses

The course also touches upon connected areas such as self-esteem, life priorities, feelings and relationships.

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