Stress management: Be free from stress

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This course gives you an understanding of stress, effective strategies for managing stress as well well proven tools and methods for managing stress in daily life, with the aim of getting a better balance between activity and recovery.

The course covers how to handle acute stress, how to lower the general level of stress in daily life, how to identify stress sources and stress traps that created and keep creating stress symptoms, as well as how to get a more balanced daily life with sound routines in order to avoid future problems with stress. Hence, this course provides you with effective strategies, exercises and tools in these areas so that you can start today and quickly notice progress in your life.

The course covers 15 central themes and is similar in its content to the design I use with the clients I daily meet and who have sought help for handling stress. The course corresponds to an ordinary textbook in extent and is text based with graphs, illustrations, weekly exercises, forms for exercises and tests with the aim of creating real and lasting change in your life.

Main areas that are covered in this course:

The tools of the course have been thoroughly tested on a daily basis with all the wonderful people I have met and who generously have shared their stress related problems, set-backs, solutions and questions.

  • Identify and handle symptoms of stress – both acute stress reactions and how to lower the general level of stress in daily life
  • Identify and handle typical stress sources and stress traps
  • Develop self-esteem, values, prioritization strategies, problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to set boundaries
  • Create a stress balanced daily life with sound routines
  • Develop a plan for long term stress management, including handling common set-backs and relapses

This course fits you who would like to work on preventing stress problems, limiting stress problems or have gotten problems with stress, maybe even early signs of exhaustion, such as impairment of memory, concentration, increased sensitivity to stimuli or more serious physiological symptoms – regardless if you have gotten a diagnose or not.

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