Feel better by making it more: understandable, manageable and meaningful (1-minute-read)

Acceptance & hope

Here continues my answer to the question:

What can you do in phase 1 when you are forced to stay at home for a longer time period during these times?

Earlier posts have been about how to deal with negative and worrying thoughts by changing your attitude, more specifically, your sense of coherence. This is done by practicing to take more perspectives and formulate an intermediate position between both what is:

– Understandable and incomprehensible

– Manageable and unmanageable

– Meaningful and meaningless

In everyday life, try to actively respond to yourself when you think about situations that are incomprehensible, unmanageable and meaningless. Answer yourself with a perspective that contains both the negative and possible positive angle on the same theme.

For example: It’s awful to be trapped at home. But we are many who are forced to stay at home. There have always been difficult times. Earlier generations may have endured even worse times.

How can we still stay in touch?

How can I use the time productively?

What have I always wanted to learn?

What do I want to develop?

If it still is too difficult, you can ask the people around you how they think about the same theme. More about this in the next post.

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