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Increase your self-esteem by sensing your feelings (1 minute read)

Increase your self-esteem by sensing your feelings (1 minute read)

This post “Increase your self-esteem by sensing your feelings” continues with how you can increase your self-esteem by getting to know yourself.


Increase your self-esteem by sensing your feelings:

Feelings are very important since they are central both to our identity and to the experience of self. Feelings are also important messengers and guides of needs and desires, both for the individual and for communication among humans. Still, there is not a shared definition of feelings.

The Tomkins Institute suggests the following definitions:  A feeling is an awareness of an affect. An affect is a biological response to neural firing which results in a particular feeling, facial and body expressions, as well as skin changes. Thus, affects are the biological system that underlies emotion. An emotion is a feeling plus memory of prior similar feelings.


Try this:

Notice the sensations in your body today when you experience strong feelings:

Where do you feel each feeling – in which body parts? Describe the sensation.

If you have difficulties finding this out, think about how and where did you notice the feeling at first – how were you able to conclude that you are having the feeling?

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