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Stress management by increasing the sense of coherence (1-minute-read)

Stress management when you have to stay at home for a longer period

Stress management is important during times of crisis. This can be achieved by increasing the sense of coherence, KASAM, see below. Here, I continue my answer to the question:

What can you do when you are forced to stay at home during these times

Here I continue with how to deal with negative and worrying thoughts, more specifically, by focusing on your attitudes. A lot of research has been done to identify important dimensions to focus on in life to get and maintain health and well-being also in times of crisis.

Stress management by increasing the sense of coherence – SOC

Stress management is important in these times and can be acieved by increasing the sense of coherence. Sense of coherence, also called SOC, is a concept developed by Antonovsky. More specifically, he has researched the links among health, stress and various coping strategies that people often use. Sense of coherence distinguishes those who manage to handle stressful life situations with less affected well-being. more importantly, this is characterized by the extent to which one has a pervasive, lasting and dynamic belief that stressful situations are:
1) understandable
2) manageable
3) meaningful

More about stress management by increasing the sense of coherence in the next post. If you have any questions you would like answered, you can write them in the comments field or email me at jennyrapp@jennyrapp.com if you want to be anonymous.

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