Understand the intensity of your feelings (1 minute read)

Understand the intensity of your feelings (1 minute read)

This post “Increase your self-esteem by understanding the intensity of your feelings ” continues with how you can increase your self-esteem by getting to know yourself.


Understand the intensity of your feelings:

The intensity of feelings is sometimes labelled ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ depending on how much arousal they generate in our nervous system.

Hot feelings create high arousal combined with a strong impulse to act. Cold emotions create low level of arousal and a weak impulse to act.

The term hot mirrors the warm sensations we get from the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline as well as the  bodily sensation when the blood flows out in our bodies towards the large muscle groups in the limbs preparing the body for movement.

On the scale 1 to 10 lower ratings of the emotions are colder and higher ratings hotter.


Try this:

See if you can notice how intense your feelings are the coming days.

Notice which feelings are the most intense – all or only a few of them? Which of them?

Look at your diary of emotions from earlier weeks and see if there is a pattern:

  • Which feelings create low arousal in you?
  • Which feelings create strong arousal?
  • What is typically triggering high arousal?

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Understand the intensity of your feelings