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These courses are based on modern research and contains building blocks from effective therapy methods

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What Others Have Said

“Finally I understand how my body works and what I can do about it in different situations. I am so relieved having gotten the control back over my life.”

Accountant at a global company
Female, 47 years, about Stress Management
” I know now why I did not like myself before. It makes me sad, but also grateful that I now dare to claim space and live a life that I myself have choosen.”

Head lawyer at a global industrial company
Male, 52 years, about Better Self-esteem
“I now understand how it all fits together and what I shall do differently to become more of the person I would like to be.”

Entrepreneur within construction
Male, 38 years, about Be Free with Life Goals
“I have realized why I ended up here and I have learnt what to do differently to take care of myself to get out of this dark period.”

pre-school teacher
Female, 28 years, about Be Free From Burn-Out

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