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These courses includes techniques from therapy and current research to ensure a focused and quick change

Identify your inner core

Self-esteem: How to develop self-esteem and boost your confidence

This course helps you in finding your inner core, desires, voice and values, with a focus on strengthening your self-esteem, helping you feel more secure as well as becoming better at creating and maintaining sound boundaries and getting mutually rewarding relationships.

Tools to recover fast and get a balanced life

Stress management: Be free from stress

This course gives you effective stress management tools and strategies, an understanding of causes behind stress as well as sound routines for handling stress in daily life in order to get a long-term healthy balance between activity and recovery.

Get effective tools for fast relief & a quick way back

Exhaustion: Be free from exhaustion & regain your strength

This course is about stress management, how to heal stress injuries and exhaustion, the 3 phases of exhaustion which are all necessary to pass through to get fully recovered as well as how to prevent relapse by changing daily habits and routines.

Effective for strengthening highly sensitive persons

HSP: How to manage feelings, thoughts & needs

This course helps you become aware of signals, needs and wishes, handle emotions and thoughts as well as create sound routines for a life where you feel free and in harmony with yourself and your environment.

Includes life changing effective exercises

Personal development: Be free with powerful insights from psychology

This course goes through 15 important dimensions in psychology that have proven to be crucial for strengthening self-esteem, managing thoughts and feelings as well as living by healthy behaviors and routines that will help you live a life where you feel free and can achieve important goals based on your values.

Balance own desires & demands from others

Relationships & inner strength: How to create a balanced life & reach your potential

This course helps you understand your inner compass and its 4 important pools: your history, your goals, your feelings, needs and desires and the influence of your close ones, with the aim of finding your balance in everyday life based on your important values ​​so that you live a more free life based on your deliberate choices.

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You can be free with insights in psychology