5 effective methods for conquering your fears (1 minute read)

5 effective methods for conquering your fears (1 minute read)

This post “5 effective methods for conquering your fears” is about how you can increase your self-esteem by understanding your feelings.

5 effective methods for conquering your fears:

Here follows the last post about exposure:

There are many types of exposure that you can use to manage fear.

Imaginative visualization is when you in your mind think about your fearful objects and situations, see my example in previous post.

Exposure in vivo is when you expose yourself to the feared object in real life such as holding a spider.

Sensory exposure is when experiencing feared bodily sensations as when creating a panic attack.

Mindfulness is a branch within cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT. Mindfulness involves aiming one’s attention to fully experience the present moment such as sensory stimuli, thoughts and feelings without judging the experience, but only observing it. These kinds of exercises have been considered by some as being a kind of exposure in themselves.

Some proponents of traditional psychodynamic therapy stemming from Freud thinks that therapy in itself is exposure as when talking about traumatic life events.

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5 effective methods for conquering your fears
5 effective methods for conquering your fears