Increase your self-esteem by nuancing feedback (1 minute read)

Increase your self-esteem by nuancing feedback (1 minute read)

This post ‘Increase your self-esteem by nuancing feedback’ continues with how you can increase your self-esteem.

As pointed out, it is very important to be observant of both how you and others talk about you. This is of great importance for your mental health and a healthy self-esteem.


Increase your self-esteem by nuancing feedback:

It is very important to nuance the feedback from others.

When you receive feedback, it is therefore important to know both what you did well and how to improve next time – instead of focusing solely on what was not good. Self-critical people already know this too well.


Try this:

Next time you get feedback ask also for what you have done well.

Ask for concrete situations.

Make sure that the feedback also is expressed as desirable behavior – what you should do differently next time.

Be skeptical of nonspecific feedback where there are no concrete examples. This may be a sign of that the feedback is not really about you.


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Increase your self-esteem by nuancing feedback