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Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear (1 minute read)

Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear (1 minute read)

This post “Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear” starts with how you can increase your self-esteem by understanding your feelings.

Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear:

Feelings can be real as when they are signaling our inner needs and desires. They can also be used as defense mechanisms in order to cover other feelings. Fear is one of them.

Fear is an extremely important feeling since it has a huge survival value. It makes us instantly react to perceived threats by avoiding the danger and instead seeking safety/shelter. 
Therefore, it also has an important learning value since it conditions us to avoid similar threats in the future. Being fearless is potentially dangerous since that puts one at risk. This is one reason why young men have higher car insurance fees – they are overrepresented in statistics over car accidents.

Fear can also cover over other feelings. Then fear is used as a defense mechanism to divert attention to the real issue like the human desire to be close to someone or to excel in performance.

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Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear
Increase your self-esteem by understanding fear