More ideas for how you can find your positive traits (1 minute read)

More ideas for how you can find your positive traits (1 minute read)

This post continues with how you can feel better during this crisis by developing both your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Here I continue with questions to help you find your 10 positive traits.

4 steps for how you can find your positive traits

Step 1: Go through a general list of positive traits, for example by making a search on the internet.

Step 2: Write down all the positive traits from that list that you think you show at least sometimes.

Step 3: Rank the positive traits you have identified that you feel reasonably sure that you have. Also, write down those you feel more doubt about but would like to have.

Step 4: See if you can recall a situation where you showed each of these traits.

Remember: It does not matter that you sometimes do not show these characteristics because of the circumstances. Either you have the ability or not. Sometimes we need to prioritize among our traits depending on the situation. It is both healthy and normal. This does not mean that you have lost all the other traits.

The crucial task is to wisely balance all your characteristics against each other with regard to what you believe is the best in a specific situation.

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