Anxiety & Stress: Use Mindfulness to calm yourself (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: Use Mindfulness to calm yourself

Here continues the first step in handling a crisis by using techniques to calm yourself down. Today the post continues with how you can steer what you are thinking of by creating distance or distracting yourself from your stressful thoughts and feelings.

In addition to creating distance to your thoughts by talking about them, which was the content of the post yesterday, you can use additional techniques used in mindfulness meditations.

In mindfulness one focuses on being an observer who stays in the moment – also in moments of discomfort – but does not get dragged into or carried away by stressful thoughts or unpleasant feelings.

Instead, one strives to maintain the level of interest in the stressful thoughts and feelings only at a moderate level, which therefore does not add new stress while the ongoing stress reaction dissolves over time.

This can be done by instead focusing on a sense: carefully listening or watching something that captures your interest in the environment instead of going into your own thoughts and feelings.

A mindfulness exercise will follow in the next post.

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