Anxiety & Stress: The shared properties among the 16 effective ways for calming acute stress (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: The shared properties among the 16 effective ways for calming acute stress

Here the posts continue on how to handle a crisis.

Previously, I have listed 16 techniques for effective acute stress management. These are about gaining control of oneself. This is done by reducing the acute stress experienced in the body at the moment as quickly as possible.

As you can see, they are mainly physical techniques. In different ways, they aim to influence the body to calm down by signalling to the body that the acute danger is manageable.

This is the fastest way to calm acute stress as the body reads itself from within. In this way we can influence the body as quickly as possible to calm down and get rid of unpleasant bodily reactions. This also impacts our ability to think which in turn impacts how we feel.

For many, this is also the only possibility because at these stress levels we often have difficulties thinking clearly. This makes it hard to only use our thoughts to calm us down or even become comforted by others.

In the upcoming posts, I will go through strategies on how to lower the increased baselevel of stress in the body.

Base-level stress in the body is stress that is built up over days by increased everyday stress that stays in the body when we do not get enough recovery. Circumstances that mark our lives in a crisis like this.

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