Anxiety & Stress: 16 effective strategies for calming acute stress & worry (1-minute-read)

16 effective strategies for calming acute stress & worry

Here is a summary of 16 key strategies to calm yourself, which is the first step in handling a crisis:
1) Breathe calmly: exhale slowly using the stomach.
2) Repeat a realistic positive mantra.
3) Relax your body – also face, shoulders, fingers and toes.
4) Cool down by keeping your room cool, rinse your hands in cold water, chew on ice or drink cold drinks.
5) Warm up your body using hot baths or beverages.
6) Wrap yourself in a comforting cardigan, bathrobe, towel or blanket.
7) Take brisk walks e.g. in stairs.
8) Stay outside, preferably in the nature and preferably in daylight.
9) Seek reassuring comfort from close relatives.
10) Distract yourself with a mentally demanding activity or conversation.
11) Touch: Touch family members, yourself e.g. by applying body lotion and pet animals.
12) Exercise to handle both acute stress and build up stress tolerance in the body.
13) Limit sources of stress: avoid sensational newspapers, read less news, less frequently and turn off notices.
14) Reduce worry by controlling what you think about, how much and how often.
15) Practice Mindfulness observations to refocus attention and create distance.
16) Reflect by using Acceptance Exercises to focus on your important goals, what you can still control and how you can still influence your life here and now.

Try these ways to reassure yourself to evaluate under what circumstances each one works best for you.

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