Anxiety & Stress: More important questions about acceptance to handle stress (1-minute-read)

More important questions about acceptance to handle stress

Here, the first step in handling a crisis continues, which is about using techniques to calm oneself.

The latest posts are about the techniques Mindfulness and Acceptance of life as it is. The techniques are based on the fact that life at times inevitably also brings suffering to us all. Therefore, suffering is something that we need to learn to handle.

The last post was about reflecting on your values. Other important questions to answer that can help you handle stress and crises are:

What kind of person do you want to be?

It is often helpful to list specific characteristics, qualities and priorities. See if you can see this person in front of you in your imagination. Also, visualize this version of you in stressful crisis situations. This can inspire you to use other ways to react and think about what is happening. You can also consider what personal strengths or qualities you would like to develop. These traits can support you in having a more accepting and calm approach to stressful crises.

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