Anxiety & Stress: Brief exercises in reflection, mindfulness & acceptance (1-minute-read)

Brief exercises in reflection, mindfulness & acceptance

It is good for both our mental and physical health to take time every week for reflections and practicing mindfulness.

Reflection Exercise:

1) Which 3 areas are you proud of right now in your life?

Which positive qualities/traits have you used to achieve these?

In what way are these helping you getting through this current crisis?

2) Which 3 things/areas are you grateful for in your life right now?

3) What would you like to change – only one prioritized area – in your life that you are in control of and can influence now?

4) What 3 things can you do differently already today to begin this change?

Mindfulness & Acceptance:

During the day, take small mini-pauses and:

– Take a meditative moment where you study your breathing and your senses.

– Listen to different sounds, try to see different shades of colours, notice how different materials feel.

– Study yourself and observe how different activities feel during the day: When you eat, wash the dishes, are doing activities, have conversations etc.

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