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Anxiety & Stress: How exercise can help in a stressful crisis (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: How exercise can help during a stressful crisis

The first step in handling a crisis is about using techniques to calm yourself down.

Exercise is a very effective technique for this. There are many benefits with exercise. Exercise and muscle mass both help to reduce the current level of stress hormones and build long-term stress tolerance.

Also, exercise can:
Lift your mood
Increase your mental well-being
Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In addition, exercise helps us to dissolve thoughts and negative thought patterns as well as take a greater perspective.
Finally, exercise is important for both the body and the brain since exercise improves the cell renewal process and increases the production of brain cells. To put it another way: exercise causes more new building blocks to be produced in the body, which is needed to repair damage from stress and maintain the functions of the body and brain.

According to research it is never too late to start exercising, but it needs to be adapted to the shape of the body in order to avoid injury.
Of course, you should only exercise when you are healthy to avoid damaging your body.

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