Anxiety & Stress: Use acceptance/ACT for handling a crisis (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: Use acceptance/ACT for handling a crisis

Today the first step in managing a crisis continues. This step is about using techniques to calm oneself when experiencing a high and uncomfortable stress level.

The latest posts have been about Mindfulness. An important dimension in practicing Mindfulness is acceptance of life as it is.

Acceptance has also been further developed to an own therapy called ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, where Mindfulness also is an important part. An important starting point in ACT is that life inevitable contains suffering for everyone. That we humans share this as a fundamental condition of life. We will all suffer from life’s hardships, sorrows and difficulties. This is particularly evident in these times of crisis.

ACT can then help us with the important art of separating what we can influence and what we must accept and let go of. It is used both within the field of personal development and for dealing with ill health, as well as other physical and mental suffering.

Important ACT questions:

– What is it that you find problematic right now?

– How can you influence the various problems?

– What is it that you cannot influence but that you have to accept in order to live life as well as you can today?

– How can you live your life as meaningful as possible right now given your answers to these questions?

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