Anxiety & Stress: Use acceptance & ACT to keep realizing your goals in a crisis (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: Use acceptance & ACT to keep realizing your goals in a crisis

Here the first step in managing a crisis continues. This step is about using techniques to calm oneself when experiencing a high and uncomfortable stress level.

The last posts have been about using Mindfulness and acceptance of life as it is as techniques to calm yourself. An important corner stone in acceptance exercises is that life in periods brings inevitable suffering for everyone and therefore something that we need to learn to cope with.

The goal of acceptance exercises is to stop avoiding, denying or fighting against inner feelings and unpleasant thoughts. Instead, in the long run, we feel better if we change our approach and accept discomfort as appropriate responses to specific events. This is especially true in crises like this one that we cannot control. At the same time, it is important not to lose focus on the areas we can control or at least influence in our own lives also today.

An important dimension of acceptance is to not let disturbing thoughts, feelings or stressful situations prevent us from continuing to try to reach the goals that reflect what is important in our lives.

Which of your important goals can you still pursue? How?

In the next post there will be an exercise in acceptance and goalsetting.

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