Increase your self-esteem in everyday life (1 minute read)

Increase your self-esteem in everyday life (1 minute read)

This post continues with how you can feel better during this crisis. You can do this by developing both your self-esteem and your self-confidence since they are interconnected. The latest posts have been about how you can increase your self-esteem by reading your positive traits aloud to yourself.

Increase your self-esteem in everyday life

Also reinforce your positive traits in your daily life. Do this both when positive things happen and in times of adversity. When something positive happens, you can say:

“I’m proud that I was able to use my positive trait X and contribute to this achievement.”

Every time you feel that your self-esteem has become tarnished, it is very important to address this by saying:

“I will evaluate what I can learn from this, but I know I am X.”

“Sometimes things do not turn out as I expected. I still am Y. ”

This will eventually affect you even if you do not believe in the words at that moment.

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Increase your self-esteem by validating your achievements

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