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Anxiety & Stress: Take brisk walks to calm yourself (1-minute-read)

Anxiety & Stress: Take brisk walks to calm yourself

Here are some more ideas on how we can get through these tough times together.

The 1st step in handling a crisis is about practicing techniques to calm yourself.

Last days’ posts were about calming yourself by taking control of your breathing. Also, use a soothing mantra to help you gain perspective and offer comfort.

Another important way to calm a stressed body and mind is to keep cool or get warm.

Today it is about taking brisk walks if you can. This has proven to be very effective in reducing cortisol levels in the blood – one of the body’s main stress hormones.

Walking also often means removing ourselves from our sources of stress – during these times, mainly the news flow.

Taking a walk is also especially good for uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. this is because walking activates the soothing parts of the brain, which distracts them and makes them dissolve.

Walking also forces us to take in the surroundings, which broadens our perspective.

A brisk walk makes the blood flow back to the parts of the brain that are needed for you to talk to yourself, evaluate solutions, and control your behavior.

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