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Feel better by getting more involved (1 minute read)

Feel better by getting more involved (1 minute read)

Here continues the post on how you can handle tough life situations like this crisis by changing your attitude. You can do this by developing your sense of coherence and its dimensions:




Meaningful includes a belief that:

– Things in life are interesting, satisfying and valuable, which makes you motivated to be active.

– There are good reasons or purposes to be involved in life and care about what happens.

Reason and purpose can be created by getting involved and trying to understand the situation. This is how new opportunities often arise. For example, you can get inspiration and ideas that open new doors and create opportunities to help others and yourself. By helping, meaning is created and sometimes also the feeling that we belong together, which creates meaning in itself.  

To consider during this crisis

How can you keep up with what is happening in this crisis at a reasonable level? How can you be more active? Who can you help? Who is allowed to help you? In which other ways can you get involved? More about this in next post.

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